The brand KI.TA was brewed to perfection with an ardent belief that condiments is the cornerstone to an outstanding gourmet experience. With a smouldering passion to bring about authentic sauces to every household, we are committed to the best of qualities and services to our patrons in hopes for them to express their culinary potentials with ease. We at KI.TA believe that everyone can ‘Cook Like A Chef’.

Who We Are

Chef B Sdn Bhd (principal brand owner of KI.TA) is a growing manufacturer of household wet sauces for the consumer and business-to-business markets. Our products are developed to cater for modern working professionals and home-cooking enthusiast alike who lack the time to prepare and cook hearty meals. Our line of condiments is made to ease the traditionally laborious process of Eastern & Western cuisines so that our consumers are able to enjoy authentic flavours such as ‘Hainanese Chicken Rice’, ‘Kam Heong’ and ‘Thai Paste’ in just a short period of preparation time.

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Our Services

We have specially formulated a range of products for both our everyday home-cooking master chefs and business-to-business patrons. We are consumers ourselves and we understand the painstaking process of preparing a palatable dish. Hence, we decided to bottle up an array of sauces so you could enjoy it at home or use it to smoothen your business service!